Yueyue Wenren

Yueyue Wenren is an award-winning writer with multiple publications in mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.  Her works include novels, short stories, children’s stories and essays.  She was enlisted for the “20 under 40” Chinese Writers by UNITAS literature Magazine in 2012.  Of her novels, A Gold Digging Story, was selected as one of the top-ten best Chinese Novels of 2011 by Asia Weekly, and last year’s Amber topped that prominent annual top-ten list for Chinese novels globally.  Amber is based on historical events from the late 1920’s to 21st century in northwestern China, Mongolia, Soviet Union, US and Europe.  She completed her B.E. degree at The Copper Union in New York, majoring in electrical engineering, and later got her Master’s degree in financial engineering at Stern Business School, New York University.

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