Yu-hsiang Hao

Hao Yu-hsiang received a Doctor of Chinese Language and Literature from National Taiwan University, and is currently a Professor at the Department of Language and Creative Writing, National Taipei University of Education. She loves to travel, and frequently works her experiences on the road into her works, as in her novel Inn or her collections of essays In the Wink of an Eye: My Notes from China. For Hao, whose father hails from the Mainland, travelling in China is also a trip into her own family’s past, and she uses her personal recollections to inquire into the meaning of family or clan memory, as well as reframing Taiwan’s history from the perspective of Immigrants to the island. That Summer, the Most Serene Sea and the movie script The Squirrel Suicides explore the fate of Pacific islands in the 20th century. Hot Spring Washed Away Our Sorrows is a most intimate evocation of her personal experiences growing up, describing her family’s move from the South to the North against the backdrop of Taiwan’s Economic Miracle and the ensuing process of democratization. Hao has also published academic monographs on modern literature and drama, and has received numerous awards, including the Golden Tripod Award, the China Times Literary Supplement Annual Book Award, the China Times Literature Award, and the Taipei Literature Award.

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