Walis Nokan

Walis Nokan is an Atayal writer originally from the Mihuo tribe. His literary writing sharply points out the deprived and dispossessed status of indigenous peoples in Taiwan, as well as the injustice indigenous peoples all over the world are facing throughout their history. Nourished by his indigenous inheritance, Walis established an unparalleled career in the Taiwanese literary scene. He has published numerous reportage, fiction and poetry, and has received prominent literary awards including Wu Zhuo-Liu Literature Prize, Taipei Literature Award, and the United Daily News Prize, among many others. Walis Nokan’s reportage Losin Wadan: Colonialism, Tribal Communities and Individuals(1994) was his investigation and reviews of the indigenous victims during the period of White Terror in Taiwan, and his collections of stories,Cruelty of Wars (2014), and Seven-Day Reading (2016),  lead readers to look into the unspeakable misery of indigenous peoples in the relentless historical and social incidents.

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