Su Wei-Chen

Su Wei-Chen received a master’s degree and PhD in Chinese Language and Literature from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Su’s current position is the full-time professor in the Department of Chinese Literature, NCKU (National Cheng Kung University. In terms of her writing, the literary critic Te-Wei Wang declares that “in the early 80s, Su, for the publication of her short stories and novelettes such as ‘Be with Him for a While e’ (1983), has risen to the world of letters and turned into one of the most significant representatives of contemporary women’s writing in Taiwan and China.” A novel, The Island of Silence, earned her the price appraisal group of the China Times Million Dollar Literary Prize for Novel in 1994. Her novels include The Faded Years of Youth (1981), Old Love (1985), To Leave the Village Tong-Fang (1990), Flying from Home (1987), The Island of Silence (1994), The Procession in Time (2006), Revolving door(2016 publishing,2017 TIBE BOOK PRIZE)For prose works, Su has published The Journey of Solitude (1999), The Magic Hours (2002), The Memories of Books (2010), and Island of Silence(2013.  Su has obtained National Troops Literary Arts Oscar, United Daily News Prize for the Novelette, Chunghwa Daily News Prize for Novel, Central News Prize for Novel, Prize Appraisal Group of China Times Million Dollar Literary Prize for Novel, and the Tainan Prefectural City Prize for Literary Contribution.

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