Silvia Vecchini

Silvia Vecchini has been writing for children since 2000: tactile books, stories with illustrations for smaller ones, first readings for children, books that talk about works of art, novels for teens, and collections of poems and comics. She has worked on publishing projects, book series, textbooks for schools for a large number of editors, scripts for comics and stories, and articles for some magazines dedicated to children and teens. Some of her books have been translated in the USA, France, Spain, Slovenia, Russia, China, Chile, Poland, Turkey, South Korea and many others. She makes cultural project for schools, meets childrens and teens in libraries and bookshops in order to provide workshops and readings. She also teaches training classes for teachers and leads writings groups for adults.

Recent awards:

  • Boscarato Awards, best comic book for children and teens 2012
  • Orbil Balloon Prize 2012
  • Selection Prize Bancarellino 2015
  • Gigante delle Langhe Awards 2015
  • Tapirulan Award for unprecedent poetry 2015
  • Città di Calimera Prize 2016
  • Finalist of Laura Orvieto Prize 2016
  • Gianni Rodari Awards 2017
  • Selection of White Ravens Prize 2017
  • Attilio Micheluzzi Prize 2018
  • Finalist of Laura Orvieto Prize 2019

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