Risten Sokki

Risten Sokki (born 1954) is a Northern Sami author from Kautokeino. Sokki made her debut with bilingual poetry collection Bonan Bonan Soga Suonaid (Twisting Turning: the sinews of kinship) in 1996. The poetry collection was nominated for the Nordic Literary Prize, Sami Language Region, in 1997. The book deals with kinship and its complex ramifications both past and present. One of her ancestors was one of the leaders of the Kautokeino revolt in 1852 and was executed by decapitation for this. The poetry collection has also been published in Danish. In 2007 Sokki was the Sami winner in a Nordic children’s literature competition with the book Mu Artegis Eallin (My Strange Life).The book was also published in the Southern Sami, Lule Sami , Norwegian, Greenland and Faroese languages. The collection of novellas Geadgeloddi (The Stone Bird) was published in Spring 2018. The collection comprises 10 novellas which can each be read individually in its own right, but which also has a unifying thematic thread. The novellas touch on love, grief, abuse, child-adoption, children who grow up in an orphanage, likewise some among these returning to Sápmi as adults. Sokki has also published a book on traditional Sami cuisine. In addition, she has been the co-author of school textbooks.

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