Olga Rojer

Olga Rojer is a tenured professor of German and Dutch Caribbean Studies in the Department of World Languages and Cultures at American University in Washington, DC. Her recent research has emphasized the literature of the Caribbean creole language, Papiamentu, and postcolonial literature in Dutch. Her most recent books are Founding Fictions of the Dutch Caribbean: Carel de Haseth’s Slave and Master (Katibu di Shon): A Dual-Language Edition and Founding Fictions of the Dutch Caribbean: Cola Debrot’s My Black Sister and Boeli van Leeuwen’s A Stranger on Earth. Her early research focuses on the marginalized literature and politics of the German-speaking Jewish exile in Argentina. She is the author of Exile in Argentina: 1933-1945. Rojer is the translator of Stories of the spider Kompa Nanzi Kuenta di e araña Kompa Nanzi, a collection of Kompa Nanzi slave stories in Papiamentu from the Dutch Caribbean, published by Instituto Raúl Römer in Curaçao and Uitgeverij In De Knipscheer in the Netherlands.

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