Marjorie Kanter

Marjorie Kanter, hybrid author of short literary and poem-like pieces, creative writing workshop facilitator, public art word installer…, holds degrees from Ohio University and the University of Cincinnati. Her work integrates poetry, short story, word projects and life writing. She has lived in Spain for the past 30 + years and spends extended periods of time in Morocco. Author of Field Notes (2019), Small talk (2015), I displace the air as I walk (2004), The Saddle Stitch Notebooks (2006-2009), The Bagged Stories (on-going project begun 2007) and Im/politeness: One Hundred Im/polite Days (2009-2010) amongst other texts; she has participated in Public Word Art Installations and Interactive Projects at La Caixa, Lleida (In-Comunicación); Historias para la Espera for La Noche en Blanco, Madrid and Nexus a project for Madrid Abierto. She is a researcher of Paul Bowles and in particular, of his mixing of codes. She has presented her writing and offered training and interventions in events with the Complutense University in Madrid, the University of Alicante, the Contemporary Writer’s Forum of the University of Siegen, the University of New Orleans Master’s Program in Creative Writing, La Caixa, Lleida, the University of Minnesota, the Tangier Transforming Performance Conference and others. Her conference presentations include mixing creativity and research in various areas of linguistics. Her workshops focus on the process of opening doors to creativity and writing and an exploring of social, psychological and cultural issues for living and for writing. She considers herself a creative ethnographer, mixing her training and professional experience as a Bilingual Speech Therapist and Teacher Trainer (1965-1985) and her interests and studies in the areas of communication, linguistics, language development, psychology, sociology and interculturality with her found creativity. In her writing, she strives to mesh (all) her different selves, experiences and interests. “Writing found me. A need to communicate with self, take distance, get inside my feelings and experiences, all provoked me to keep journals that slowly turned into finished poem-like pieces often in narrative form. I work with fuzzy borders.

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