Marion Bloem

Marion Bloem, child of parents that were born in Indonesia (mother in Batavia 1929, father in Bandung 1921). Grandparents and great-grandparents were of mixed heritage European/Indonesian.  Marion Bloem was born in the Netherlands in 1952 because her parents fled to the Netherlands in  December 1950 

 Bloem graduated in Clinical Psychology in 1976 in Utrecht at the Rijksuniversiteit, but after her Masters she started making short films, documentaries, television series, and she published children’s books. 

 Her first novel, Geen Gewoon Indisch Meisje, 1983 was about growing up between two cultures. In the Netherlands she got very good reviews for this debut. There were more than 450,000 copies sold and the novel was considered as a classic in literature.  In the same year (1983) her documentary ‘My Parents Country’ was an enormous success in the Dutch cinema.

Bloem has received many awards and attracted much media attention for her novels and films. 

 Marion Bloem published many novels about her Eurasian roots. Her topics are human interest, relationships, family, and sexuality.

 She is well known in the Netherlands for her novels, her films and as a visual artist. Her first art show was in 1987, and she frequently shows her work in the Netherlands and abroad. In 2008 her long feature film, Far From Family, was released, based on one of her novels with the same title.

 Recently her magnus opum ‘Een meisje van honderd’ was released in Indonesia by the title Moemie, gadis berusia seratus tahun by KPG, from Gramedia Publishers. 

 Her latest books are autobiographical. In 2018 a book about mourning, loss was published, and before that a book about the mother-daughter relationship based on her personal relationship with her mother who has Alzheimer. Currently,  Marion Bloem is working on an autobiography about identity.

 Marion Bloem lives in the Netherlands, is married to the writer Ivan Wolffers, and has one son who is a Dutch film producer (NL Films). She has three granddaughters. 

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