Lou Yi Jun

Lou Yi-Jun (駱以軍) is one of the most acclaimed Taiwanese writers. His works include novels, short stories, essays, and poetry. Lou Yi-Jun is the recipient of numerous awards, including the United Daily Literature Prize (1988,1990, 2003, 2004), and the China Times Literature Award (1991, 1999), among many others. His most ambitious novel, the two volumes of Western Xia Hotel (西夏旅館) won Taiwan Golden Tripod Award (2009), Golden Medal of the Taiwan Literature Award (2009), and the Hong Kong Red Chamber Literature Award (2010). In 2007 Lou Yi-Jun was one of the writers-in-residence for the International Writing Program hosted by the Iowa Writers’ Workshop.
Lou Yi-Jun is a prolific writer; his latest anthologies of essays Innocent Worries (純真的擔憂) and Cab Drivers (計程車司機) were published in 2018.

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