Judith Nika Pfeifer

Judith Nika Pfeifer,  writer, sound and visual poet, performer. Nika writes poetry, prose and radiophone works. She holds an interdisciplinary PhD in Political Science and Linguistics and has taught Creative Writing (University of Arizona, Srishti Art School, Bangalore, Vienna Poetry School). She presents her works in installations, collaborations, exhibitions, visual and sound performances (Unrest of Form, Wr. Festwochen, Dial-A-Poem, Vienna Secession). She has worked within a wide range of media and collaborations (e.g. with Milena Kipfmüller, Matthaei & Konsorten). Besides numerous artistic projects, she has produced literary publications and projects (e.g. Tucsonics, 2019, Violante, 2017, Sometimes Nothing Really Happens, Really, 2015), as the co-founder and editor of a literary magazine in Vienna. Her poems have been translated into English, Serbian, French, Hindi, Malayalam, Chinese, Spanish, French and Italian. Her work was awarded the Priessnitz Prize, 2012. Nika lives in Vienna and Berlin.

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