Cyndie Sebourn

Cyndie Sebourn taught for twenty-seven years as an Advance Placement writing instructor in secondary public education and as a writing instructor at the University of Central Arkansas and Central Baptist College. As an educator, she was a National Board Certified Teacher and VFW’s  2010 Arkansas State Teacher of the Year.

 She has published two educational children’s books Smarty Britches: Nouns, and Smarty Britches: Verbs (2014) based on her grandsons (Jackson and Wyatt respectively): these books depict the cultural literacy of the Southern United States.  In addition to the printed books, she has created an interactive book app for each story, and they are available on Apple’s iPad.  She is currently in the process of finishing her memoirs of her life in the South. She currently resides in Conway, Arkansas, enjoying retirement and her grandsons. More information can be found at

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