Claire Larriere

Among Claire Larrière’s activities devoted to the Short Story can be listed her teaching (Sorbonne, Tours University), the publication of numerous articles in journals and magazines and the creation of Visions Critiques-La nouvelle de langue anglaise, (Sorbonne Nouvelle) a publication of articles by various authors and researchers. She has created and directed Paris Transcontinental (16 N°s), a magazine of unpublished contemporary Short Stories in English from around the world. She is the author of a collection of stories in French, Terre, terre…et le reste, at Les éditions d’écarts, a novel Les Crémières, same publisher, and is currently working on a novel. But a great source of joy for her is to have initiated and directed the first International Conference on the short story,  in 1988, (Paris, Sorbonne), that gathered authors and researchers from various parts of the world, an event that spurred daring and inspired  organizers to renew, develop and enrich the adventure. Claire Larriere’’s life-long devotion to the short story finds a happy development in the series of International Conferences on that theme, regularly organized and directed by Maurice Lee in various parts of the world. These events are all the more rewarding for her as they follow the first of them at the Sorgonne, mentioned above, more than thirty years ago. Clair Larriere continues to write short stories in French, and hopes to have a second collectio of her stories appear in a not too-far future.